HealthCare Champions


The healthcare team at HaysMed is dedicated to providing quality care to our patients.  Patients who have received exceptional care often ask if there is a special way to thank their caregivers.  A sincere thank you can go a long way, but there are times when “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough.

The HealthCare Champion program is designed for those special moments when you would like to do more.  Your gift not only recognized the people who cared for you, it directly supports the care they provide by purchasing new equipment and technology, funding continuing education and supporting new initiatives. 

Your HealthCare Champion will receive a certificate sharing your comments and a custom-crafted lapel pin to wear proudly.

Nominating a HealthCare Champion

To recognize a HealthCare Champion who made a difference in your stay, contact the Foundation office at 785-623-2350.  You can also nominate them online here.